INSPIRED is a national research infrastructure unique in the field of Structural Biology that combines studies on bioactive (macro)molecules interactions and biomarkers identification. ​ It offers services mainly in the field of biology, diagnostics and pharmacology, addressing the needs of the health sector with significant impact on agrofood and concerns a large number of organizations (potential users and collaborators). ​ It bridges basic research with the Industry and SMEs supporting innovative actions by either providing services or in the frame of funded programmes.

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It comprises two complementary infrastructures :​

a)INSTRUCT-EL functions as a national distributed RI, offering a complete set of platforms for integrative Structural Biology. Current facilities host sample preparation, biophysical characterization, 3D structure determination and analyses using X-ray diffraction and NMR, as well as molecular simulations and data management and data analytics.​

b)UPAT-RISF, a regional research infrastructure of national impact that offers services in the field of Structural Biology (through X-ray diffraction and biomolecular NMR) as well as in the field of preclinical evaluation of bioactive compounds of pharmaceutical interest (Drug screening efforts), Drug target functional characterization, Biomarkers, Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicin.

  • INSPIRED addresses the needs of the field of Health Sciences and Pharmaceuticals​.
  • The partners cover all the Greek Regions.
  • It is a distributed Research Infrastructure across Greece.

It is affiliated with the pan-European Research Infrastructure Consortium on «Integrated Structural Biology, Instruct-ERIC».